Delta New Media Method

     Delta New Media maintains business and service flexibility, diversity, and quality through a combination of, equally important, low and high tech means.

Supervision & Management      Site production, management, and supervision as well as personalized, hands on customer service, are low tech but essential elements to healthy Site production. Managing projects includes developing concepts and overseeing their implementation and production.

Special Team Assembly      Special Team Assembly matches programmers, designers, and technicians to each client project. Teaming together diverse professionals addresses the individual needs of every client for custom results. This also provides pivotal technological, cutting edge skill on an as need basis, with no extraneous overhead.

Virtual Office      Web documents, e-mail, general computing, and on location operation allow us to coordinate, review and handle project development with a Virtual Office.

     These elements work together and result in progressive, cut-to-the-chase service and product delivery. This approach gives us the freedom to access a wide range and variety of skilled artists, designers, and programmers from a network of reliable individuals. Project scope is not limited as Special Team Assembly can rapidly staff up to meet project demands.

     Our highly trained and specialized programmers and designers enable us to deliver product to exacting standards, while we maintain close, personalized customer interaction.

     Delta New Media ® - dotting your e