The Sites listed directly below, mostly chronologically, provide some, not all, examples of Web Sites/projects we have developed over the YEARS for clients based on their requirements and within various budget constraints.

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Pro Bono Publico
In addition to paying client base, Delta New Media also provides a variety of internet, web based, domain, and other services Pro Bono. - Delta New Media transferred and rebuilt WordPress based site. Maintains an updating and management environment so active theatre content is current and engaging. Design factors include color palette such that a web site visit captures the theatre itself. - Delta New Media transferred and rebuilt WordPress based site. Design reflects history of organization so style and function updates seamless along with transfer. Maintenance keeps site current. Incorporating digital program guide for 2019 season.

Shakespeare by the Flea - Delta New Media created an amusing play on words sub Web Site for company and audience outreach and platform for social media interaction.

• BrainWashhq - original site off-line
     Delta New Media designed an understated, clean, and stylish interface and initial Web Site targeting production industry clientele. Provided domain counseling and web branding.

Auto Be In Pictures -
     Delta New Media established branding and marketing for a new picture car rental service. The logo is animated in the Web Site, which also utilizes simple Flash animation for sub navigation graphics. The Web Site service promotes the rental of vintage cars for use as picture cars in film, television, music videos, and other media. -
     Delta New Media created and produced a stylish, consumer-friendly, informative Web Site for revitalized Downtown Burbank. The straight forward, easy to navigate Site structure was utilized to appeal to a varied audience base that includes merchants, consumers, and prospective area businesses. *Please note this is not the City of Burbank's official Downtown Burbank web site.

• First Assist, Inc. - Inactive Site - First Assist Flash Intro
     Delta New Media developed a contemporary Web Site to coordinate with First Assist's new corporate marketing strategy. This new Web Site was developed to help attract new prospects to the company, in the very competitive nurse staffing industry.

• First Assist Travelers - Site off-line
     Delta New Media created the brand identity, logo and Web Site for a niche market company directed towards traveling nurses in the healthcare industry. The Web Site blends the feel of movement, travel and adventure with the serious job of providing high level nursing in a highly competitive marketplace. Additionally, design elements created for the travel division have been incorporated into the company's overall branding and marketing campaign.

• Pacific Benefit Planning LLC - Site off-line
     Delta New Media created a Business to Business solution for Pacific Benefit Planning LLC. We developed an informational Web Based environment for their clients furthering their status as a leader in Benefit Plan Design and Administration. Pacific Benefits provides a complete range of employer benefits, insurance and payroll services to their clients.

• CMS Capital LLC - Site off-line
     Delta New Media created a simple, direct design appealing to a corporate audience. The focus for this Web Site was to promote the business, and to create a customer service environment where a secure credit application form enables prospective customers a means of initiating a business relationship on-line.

• Salutations Home - Site off-line
     Delta New Media translated the European country charm, class and style of the Salutations Home family of retail stores into a Web Site highlighting the specialized services and merchandise offered through Salutations Ltd. Brentwood, Shaxted by Salutations Beverly Hills and Salutations Home Pasadena.

• Dove Audio - Site off-line
     Dove Audio stands out in the field of Audio Books boasting arguably the largest inventory of titles in the industry. Dove Audio desired a Web Site to create another venue whereby their product could be made available to consumers. Developing the Web Site in two major phases, Delta New Media launched Phase One Dove Audio in July 1998, to establish initial Web Presence. Later that year, Delta New Media developed a breakthrough e-commerce Site featuring a powerful shopping cart system.

• NewStar Media - Site off-line
     NewStar Media Inc. is an innovative and diversified entertainment company. Delta New Media developed a two phase Web Site strategy for NewStar Media Inc. The aim of the Web Site was to bring focus to the company's name change from Dove Entertainment to NewStar Media Inc., provide promotion of the company's three divisions NewStar Worldwide (film and television distribution), NewStar Television (television production), and NewStar Publishing (book and audiobook publishing), and to create an area where investors can find out about the company

Ampersand Press -
     Delta New Media provided a solution for Ampersand Press creating a Web Site facilitating inventory sales. Further productivity was attained by developing an Intranet allowing wholesale distributors exclusive access to order processing.